Walden III Founders Scholarship and Application:


Walden III  “in the process of discovery here”



Walden III in The Process of Discovery Here
In the mid 1960’s and early 1970’s, some students were not happy in the large traditional high schools.  Students were saying they were “turned off and bored with high school”. Many said, “High school isn’t teaching me anything important, exciting, and useful. I feel like I’m just a number. No one really knows or cares about me. I don’t have a voice or control over anything in this big school. I feel like I don’t belong. I want to enjoy a place I have to spend so much time in.  I want to learn things that are important to me”. 
Walden III was created to change those negatives. We wanted to create a smaller school, where everyone knew everyone else, and celebrated differences between people. We wanted to experiment with learning exciting new things and important old things. We wanted students to have an important part in running the school, by making real decisions about what was taught, what activities were available, and what the school looked like inside and out. And we really wanted students to help solve the problems that would occur.
We also believed students and the school should be an active part of the Racine community. Students should learn about Racine and the rest of the world; its history, its people. Students should learn about the natural environment we live in. The school should help Racine be better for all its citizens.  We believed by doing that, students would learn how to solve problems they might face in the future.
Walden III was created to help students discover themselves, their community, and their world.  They would discover what they should and could do while living in it.  Most importantly, students would discover themselves, what they were good at, why they were valuable people. They would discover what they wanted and needed to do with the rest of their lives. They would discover that learning throughout their lifetimes was the only way to keep that process of discovery continuing and maturing. They would learn THEY were responsible for making it all happen.
Walden Graduates have proven time and again that they were changed for the better by this school. The unique learning experience of Walden III creates young adults that are better equipped to be sent off into the world, to step into their adult lives with confidence, a commitment to social action, and with the knowledge that their voice matters.


Jack Parker

Founder of Walden III, in process of discovery here

Walden III Founders Scholarship:  $1000.00


INSTRUCTIONS / The process of discovery… 

Initial Application Form

  1. Full name
  2. Address
  3. Parents Names
  4. Home Group Teacher


What has your time at Walden III meant to you?

Tell us something about your personal “process of discovery”.

What did you discover about yourself and the world we live in?

How you want to be involved in it?

What responsibilities do you have in that world, and what you will have to do to achieve your dreams?


Alternately, If you feel that your personal process of discovery can be best expressed in some form other than an essay, please describe that to us, and be prepared to exhibit, demonstrate, or perform your presentation during the interview portion of the application.


In order to describe your “process of discovery”, write a 1-3-page double spaced essay using one or more of the following questions:

  • How has Walden helped you?
  • What have you learned about yourself; how have you changed?
  • What are you proudest of so far in life?
  • What personal knowledge and qualities should you continue to work on to get stronger, become more effective, and achieve your personal dreams and goals?
  • What are your plans after graduation for improving and pursuing these dreams and goals?
  • What are you curious about, interested in that you want/need to know more about?
  • How did your time at Walden III help and hinder your work on these things? How did you do academically? What were your best and worst experiences?
  • How have your ROPE experiences and writings helped you?
  • If you feel that your personal process of discovery can be best expressed in some form other than an essay, please describe that to us, and be prepared to exhibit, demonstrate, or perform your presentation during the interview portion of the application.


Please Note: Correct use of writing conventions and good written expression are important, but are not the only things evaluated. Strong examples, clear thinking, and expressing your feelings count a lot. Do your best to make this a single unified piece of writing, not just a separate answer for each of the bullet points above. Tell us anything you want us to know about yourself, your background, and your history.


Material from your ROPE autobiography may be used in this Personal Essay. If you quote directly from your autobiography, please put this in proper format: proper quote punctuation and credit the document, just as if you were quoting anything from another source.



We DO NOT want just a copy of your ROPE autobiography for this essay. 


This Personal Essay must be turned in by 3:00 p.m. April 18, 2018, in the Walden office. You will be contacted to schedule an interview after April 27, 2018.